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Know About Mihir Koltharkar's

 3 Day Signature workshop 'IMPOSSIBLE SALES MASTERCLASS'


Book Mihir Koltharkar (Mr.Sales) For An Intense And Engaging SALES AND NEGOTIATION Session With Immense Learnings.


Learn the Art Of Structured Sales.

Acquire & Retain More Clients

Dominate Your Competition

Close More Deals

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 (Mr. Sales)


is one of today's top sales trainers and professional speakers globally.

In last 20 years, he has conducted 2000+ sessions in 9 countries and has been on TEDx Twice.

Due to his positive outlook, smiling nature, and practical wisdom in sales and negotiation, media also calls him the SMILING BUDDHA OF SALES.

7 Reasons To Book Mihir

As an event organizer, you know that the people and messages on the stage should be the most visible and memorable for your audience. Is Mihir right for you? Here’s a list to help you decide.
You want a speaker who will have your audience reaching for their notepad, not their phone! Brimming with energy and enthusiasm, when Mihir walks on stage, the audience sits up to listen. He is a force to be reckoned with!
You want a speaker who delivers lasting impact, not a forgettable lecture. Catchy phrases, great visuals and clearly applicable lessons make Mihir’s messages tweetable, Instagram-y and sticky.
You want an entertaining speaker so people will enjoy your event and the messages actually sink in. Mihir’s stage presence and tongue in cheek humor keep the energy up and audiences enjoying the event.
You want rich and spicy content (that’s not canned!) Innovation for sales and leadership is hot and Mihir sets it on fire! His content is creative, well researched and answers the challenges that businesses are facing right now.
You want a speaker that delivers actionable, practical advice that can be used immediately. Mihir does more than challenge the audience to think bigger about innovation, leadership, and sales. He gives them valuable actions to take away and use right
You want to work with a professional, not a difficult amateur! Running events can be stressful – your speakers shouldn’t be! You’ll love that Mihir is professional, helpful, and focused on doing whatever it takes to make your event fabulous.
You want a real expert with real experience. Don’t let his youthful appearance fool you! With 20+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial innovation experience, Mihir has walked his talk. Audiences appreciate his experience and real-world stories.
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