The Ultimate Sales Accelerator For:

    • B2B Sales Professionals

    • Real Estate Professionals

    • Key Account Managers

    • Luxury Retail Professionals

    • Independent Consultantants

    • Entrepreneurs

    • SMEs

    • Family Business Owners 

    "A Game-Changer. The Red Snapper and CIMTA approaches are superb - I am implementing it immediately. I have read many books on sales and this one is totally different. It shows some practical steps that one can take to increase sales immediately. Highly recommended." - Megha

    "The book is in simple language. Each chapter has some action points. Some questions make us introspect and others require us to look for figures and design action plans. I want to attend his session someday." - Vishal

    "This is a must read book for any Sales Professional, Business Owner or Entrepreneur. It really helps in boosting the business and ideas." - Tushar

    "Makes you think about Sales differently. I enjoyed the stories and examples. They were real life and practical." - Anish

    "Everything seems to be Possible now" - Raushan

    "I really liked the 1 to 10 rating technique to gain an easy edge over competition." - Kunni

    "The author truly deserves being called Mr.Sales! Each point mentioned has a logical explanation and practical wisdom. I have read it twice because there are so many hidden gems. What a masterpiece!" - Hassan


    ‘I-M-POSSIBLE SALES’ unveils a structured approach to sales that brings extraordinary results. 

    This book provides a time-tested framework for every step that you take.

    Mihir's approach to sales is pragmatic and applies to both seasoned sales professionals as well as newcomers. The greatest advantage of ‘I-M-Possible Sales’ is it’s relevance to salespeople across domains, sectors and countries. Mihir shares interesting insights about the buyer's mindset, a blackbox for most sales professionals. He uses simple methods to look at complex ideas and breaks them down into easy to understand stages – an approach that has transformed sales in many businesses across the globe. Individuals and businesses have witnessed an IMMEDIATE 30% to 50% growth and within a year have MULTIPLIED their sales figures. 

    With this book, you’ll learn: 
    - A step-by-step framework to boost sales 
    - A logical, psychological, and practical approach to closing bigger deals
    - The WHAT, WHY and HOW of profitable sales 
    - And so much more! 

    It’s your turn now to harness the power.

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     (Mr. Sales)

    is one of today's top sales trainers and professional speakers globally.

    In last 20 years, he has conducted 2000+ sessions in 9 countries and has been on TEDx Twice.

    Due to his positive outlook, smiling nature, and practical wisdom in sales and negotiation, media also calls him the SMILING BUDDHA OF SALES.