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Let Your Competition Worry !

Sell Profitably !

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Grow Sales Consistently !

In the ever-changing world, where every business must cater to the increasing wants of the customers and fight the competition for survival and growth, the ultimate goal is making more profitable sales.


The stakes are high for those with ambitious targets, and there is increased pressure to constantly exceed. Sales Professionals find it extremely challenging when non-achievement of target leads to added stress and disruption of work life balance.


This 'I-M-POSSIBLE' Sales Online Course has all the necessary ingredients to Accelerate the sales figures month after month and will put you in an elevated position. This workshop is a Hands-on, Practical, Highly Engaging, Enjoyable and Transformational.

The I-M-Possible Sales Online course is one of a kind workshop to enhance selling skills and learn the art of structured selling.

Those who have attended the session, have DRASTICALLY improved their Sales and Profits.

You will be able to sell your products and services with ease and close high value deals faster.


Major Learning Points:

  • The Magic Cycle Of Sales - Build A Constant Sales Pipeline

  • The Rainbow Giraffe - Creating A WOW Sales Pitch

  • Avoiding The Deadliest Mistakes By Sales People

  • S.P.I.N. Selling & CIMTA Selling - The SUPER Power

  • Breaking Barriers With Positive Mental Attitude 

  • Customer Segmentation And Selling Strategies 

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques Build Faster Rapport

  • How To Prospect? (It's An Art)

  • Flawless 'PRICE' Objection Handling Techniques

  • Superior Closing Techniques 

  • And Lot More !



Dates: 26-27 SEP

Time: 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm (3 hours each day)

Mode: Zoom Sessions

Fee: INR 3000 / USD 40 only

(with Course Materials and Completion Certificate

Reviews Fom Previous Batches


  • I have been in Sales for 20 years, and still I learnt lot of new things.
  • If you believe in Miracles – then this session is one of them!

  • Great knowledge, great workshop. Totally a different experience. Each point and technique was explained in a different way. It was just excellent. We did not realize how time flew!

  • There are so many places I have changed. I experienced complete transformation.

  • I feel sales is not JUST sales anymore - I am now a professional sales person. Thanks to Mihir.

  • To get this information outside, I don’t know how much time it would have taken, how many efforts it would have taken, and where would I have gone.

  • This 'I-M-Possible Sales' is the best trainings we have attended. It has been an eye-opener.

  • We thought we were great sales people but this session has really opened us to be sales professionals.

  • Mihir has an excellent way of imparting subject knowledge. Looking forward to be part of more such sessions.

  • 'Fabulous' is a small word - It has really changed my perception towards sales.

  • It has turned out to be a lifetime experience for me.

  • Mihir's session was very interactive, having new and relevant information with practical techniques. It was just perfect for me. The experience was great!

  • Sales looked very hard to me, after this session, it looks easy.

  • When Mihir started speaking about sales, I felt it's just AWESOME!, I feel I have gone from one level to another to another.

  • I have been in sales for 10 years and still every single concept was new to me.

  • Saying Thank you is just not enough because my brain seems to have opened up.

  • It's like I have never known things this way before.

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